Since its founding in 1967 the University of Stirling has been helping its graduates, staff and students to shape the world. The visionary ‘60s Our history begins with a visionary who recognised that society was being transformed and it needed people skilled in navigating change. Lord Robbins, our first Chancellor, was an economist who changed the face of British higher education. He understood the importance of a skilled workforce to the future wealth and wellbeing of society. For Robbins it was all about ‘education with a purpose’ and his Robbins principle declared that university places 'should be available to all who were qualified for them by ability and attainment'. The Robbins Report widened access to higher education, and since then the University of Stirling has been delivering the progressive vision and transformative thinking he first articulated in the 1960s. On 18 September 1967, 164 undergraduate students and 31 postgraduates began their courses at the new Pathfoot Building. Since then we’ve grown to over 14,000 students from over 120 nationalities and we have over 92,000 alumni in 170 countries. We’re distinct for the way we built our teaching on flexibility, choice and innovation. Our key research innovates in the fields of:
Founded: 1967
Country: UK