Conditional Admissions


What is Conditional Admissions?
Conditional admissions is used for international students to allow students to be admitted into a university once they have improved their English proficiency. However, not all universities offer conditional admissions.

What do I do After I've been "Conditional Admitted"?
Once you've been granted your conditional admissions letter, RESAedu will enroll you in an approved intensive English program. You will need to provide RESAedu with verification of financial support in order to submit your application. The intensive English program will issue you an admissions letter and the appropriate immigration form, I-20. The I-20 form is a certification of eligibility for non-immigrant student status.

What do I do after I have my I-20?
You will then take your conditional admissions letters from the university and intensive English program and apply for a student visa at the U.S. consulate or embassy in your country.

What do I do after I've obtained my Student Visa F-1?
RESAedu will confirm your admissions into the intensive English program.