About Us


RESAedu has been the industry leader in providing international students a safe and guided transition into the college of their choice. We are well respected throughout the industry and are known for consistently partnering with universities and language institutions. We deliver outstanding customer service and take pride in providing quality experience for our travelers.

RESAedu believes that international students contemplating a U.S. or Canadian education make an investment not only in their future here, in the U.S or Canada, but in their country. RESAedu believes these students decisions should be made with the help of educated and experienced counselors. RESAedu understands that assisting international students in selecting U.S or Canadian. institutions of higher education is a critical step to their educational missions. This process is best served by attracting qualified students from other countries who are well matched to the institution and whose expectations are met by the institution’s strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, RESAedu believes that our strategic and economic interests continue to be served by attracting the best and brightest students into our higher education system. Our colleagues and friends in Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe share this belief. They have demonstrated that the creation of recognized and ethical standards in the recruitment agent industry is a highly effective means of ensuring an enduring match between students and institutions and that students are treated honestly and with respect, thereby improving both student mobility and the productivity of the educational process.